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Grass and willow crafts crafts production process


Grass and willow crafts crafts production process

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2019/01/05 14:59
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  Grass and willow products are the collective name of straw products and wicker products. For example, straw crafts have fruit boxes, paper baskets, fruit bowls, bread boxes, flower pot sets, discs, rectangular plates, hanging plates, baskets, wall baskets, etc. There are flower pot sets, bread baskets, flower baskets, fruit bowls, flower plates, children's baskets, baskets, cat litter, bird nests, egg baskets, wall baskets, etc. The crafts of straw products and wicker products are basically the same, and are roughly divided into seven parts: material selection, coloring, soaking, weaving, fumigation, cool drying, painting, etc., all of which are handmade.   
  1. Select materials. Use corn husks, remove the outermost layer of old skin, the color is consistent, the color is white. The selected straw should have a natural color, thickness and length as needed. The thatch is best to be old and long. Wicker is used, and the wicker is the best. At this time, the wicker is more mature, easy to peel, white in color, about 1-5 mm in diameter and 60 cm in length.  
  2, coloring. According to the design requirements, the various colors required are uniformly applied to the surface of the material and dried.
  3. Soak. Put the colored materials into the water. The corn husks are wet, otherwise, for a little longer, it will turn yellow. The coarse wicker should be soaked for 20 minutes and fine wicker for 10 minutes. The purpose of soaking is to make it soft, easy to bend, flatten its strength, and facilitate weaving. 
  4, weaving. According to a certain shape and specifications. All tools are: iron sign, fruit branch scissors, ruler and so on. 
  5, steaming. The finished product is woven with washing powder. Its purpose: one is to clean, and the other is to increase humidity. Then, the finished product is placed in the smoke chamber, and the sulphur in the container is ignited and fumigated for 2 hours. The fumigation chamber door and window must be sealed during fumigation.
  6, cool sun. The fumigated finished product should be cooled, fumigated and cooled in time to prevent mold and deformation. 
  7, paint. After drying, apply varnish to make it durable, not easy to fade, increase brightness, and look good.  
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