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    About Liubian


    Wicker is one of the traditional folk handicrafts in China. In ancient times, people only used to be ordinary daily necessities,

  • Grass

    Grass and willow crafts crafts production process


    Grass and willow products are the collective name of straw products and wicker products. For example, straw crafts have fruit boxes, paper baskets, fruit bowls, bread boxes,

  • The

    The main technique of the willow craft


    Our company is a professional company that supplies Liubian. The following is a brief introduction to the main techniques of the Liubian craft, and I hope to help you.

  • Wicker

    Wicker egg baskets are popular across the country


    With the improvement of people's living standards, they are environmentally friendly, low-carbon and natural in their tastes and material life. Some chicken farms have taken

  • Wicker

    Wicker crafts are the only way from tradition to e-commerce


    In recent years, due to the difficulty of the Liubian craftsmanship, the long learning cycle and the complicated process, some old artists have died one after another,

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