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Wicker crafts are the only way from tradition to e-commerce


Wicker crafts are the only way from tradition to e-commerce

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2019/01/08 09:06
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  In recent years, due to the difficulty of the Liubian craftsmanship, the long learning cycle and the complicated process, some old artists have died one after another, and young people are unwilling to learn, which leads to the loss of some of the crafts and the endangered situation. Many excellent folk crafts are faced with such problems. We have seen the value of the market again from the prosperity of Weinan Liubian. Local people try various raw materials, increase product varieties, and use e-commerce to promote products, not only let Liubian go. The road to industrialized management has also provided more and more people with a platform for employment and development. Of course, traditional crafts have been followed. Allowing the market to participate in traditional protection reasonably is not only an important means of protecting intangible cultural heritage, but also a guarantee for the development of rural characteristic economy.

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